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Hangul [Korean Language]
Thursday, November 25, 2010 | 0 Comments
I met Hangul almost 2 years ago,, by that time I had already learn a few things from dramas,songs, etc.

I started learning Hangul coz of the drama Boys Over Flowers . BOF is a Korean drama that was adapted from a Japanese comic called Hana Yori Dango.

As I watched that drama  I took along some lesson from the dialog. 4 months later I was already an intermediate at romanizing Hangul. I learned a lot from posters n magz. I also  surfed the web on how to write and read Hangul.

A year ago,,when I went back home to my hometown in Sabah, I took some info on how to read Hangul n Korean Dictionary  from my cousin,, she's a korean lover too,,

I became a fluent reader after a year and a half!!

This year,, I came across a fact that my English Teacher : Miss Ng ; is also learning Hangul,\. She's an *ELF,,just like me.

I got many SuJu mv's n songs from her. Komawoyo,seonsaengnim~~ saranghaeyo~~

After PMR,, i found out that my History teacher : Mrs. Bibah ; love Beast!!! *not her act,it's her daughter,,but she got addicted too,, LOL~
So, I took mv's and song's from her too!!! that saves my time downloading a lot! fuh~

Sure enough I found some korean chingu and started to chat with them as well,, i Love to learn Hangul!!