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Koizora : Sky Of Love ♥
Sunday, December 12, 2010 | 0 Comments

2 tahun lpaz. aku jumpa satu DVD jepun tjok Koizora.original RM19.90.
aku tgk manx best giler arh cover dia,,
tp,cover yg aku beli tu bukan camni..
malaz nak carik. x jumpa lah

Anyway,,story dia camnih.

Heroin citer ni nama Mika *nice name*.. while hero plak bernama Hiro.
Mika met Hiro when she lost her hp in their sch library. Hiro found it and put it between the books, he saved Mika's num n deleted Mika's message as well as Mika's unnecessary friend num in her phone.
after that,Hiro kept calling Mika..they didn't meet coz it was the summer break. however,Hiro promised Mika to show up at their sch pool when the holiday is over.

Finally,when Mika found out who Hiro really was,he felt dissappointed as she heard many bad story 'bout Hiro.
After that,Hiro kept tryin' to win Mika heart. Finally,they become a couple.
Hiro was very gentle,sweet n caring *do want dis guy!!* towards Mika. They do alotsof stuff 2gether. 

One day,Mika found out dat she was pregnant wif Hiro's child. They decided to raise the child 2gether. Hiro's family have no objection towards it, however, Mika's parents think that Hiro is too young to be responsible.
So,Hiro went to see Mika's  parents with new hair colour: which is black *dat make him look so hot*.
Hiro + Mika
 With perseverance, they managed to convince Mika’s parents that they wanted to raise the baby together. They were happy until Mika lost the baby before it was born. They both promised to visit the grave of the baby every December 24, the date they lost her (yes, it was a baby girl).

A few days after that, Hiro suddenly got ill. He thought it was just a cold but when he went to the hospital, the doctor said it was cancer. He doesn’t want to tell Mika because they just lost the baby and now it’s his turn. He doesn’t want Mika to cry again because of him. And so he made his decision. He gave Mika a lot of reasons to hate him. He thought it would be easy for Mika to forget him if she hates him. When Mika gave him a bonnet as a birthday gift, he just threw it away. The night of his birthday party, Mika saw him kissing another girl. She went home crying while Hiro was looking at her from his bedroom window, tears falling from his eyes. After that, they officially broke up.

It was December 24 when they met again. Mika was shocked to find Hiro because she thought he already forgot about the baby. While crying, Mika asked Hiro why they ended up like that but Hiro said that he just got tired of everything. That’s why they broke up. That night Mika finally gave up all hope that they could still fix it. Then they went their own separate ways. But before long, Hiro turned around and stared at the departing Mika while whispering, “Mika, be careful on your way home.”

Another guy confessed his feelings for Mika. Mika who decided to move on accepted his offer and he became her boyfriend. From a distance, Hiro saw how happy she was and he said, “Yokatta” (that’s great) although it’s obvious that he was hurting inside.

On the next Dec 24, Mika went to visit the baby’s grave again. She saw someone but it was not Hiro. It was Hiro’s best friend whom Hiro asked to visit the grave for him. At that time, the doctors don’t allow Hiro to leave the hospital anymore so he asked his friend to visit the grave instead. That’s when Mika finally found out the truth about Hiro’s illness.

She desperately wanted to see Hiro but it will be cheating on her boyfriend. She knew she has to choose between the two. Yuu (her boyfriend) had been so good to her and she didn’t want to hurt him but all those times, her love for Hiro was never gone. And so she broke up with Yuu and chose Hiro.

She went to the hospital and when she saw Hiro for the first time after a long time, her first word was “Baka” (idiot). She noticed the bonnet he’s wearing. It was the gift she gave him on his birthday. She also noticed the ring on his finger, the same ring she has inside her drawer in her room. Hiro bought it for her. She never wear it since they broke up but she doesn’t have the heart to throw it away.

Hiro said in an indifferent, “What are you doing here?”

While crying she said, “Why didn’t you tell me? Why are you acting so tough when you’re still wearing that ring?” Then Hiro explained everything to her why he did all those things.

On the next few months, Mika came to the hospital everyday and they were so happy.

One day, Hiro told Mika that he wanted to be the sky so he can always watch over her.

The day he died, Hiro asked Mika to develop the pictures in his camera so she left the hospital not knowing that it would be he last time she will see him alive. She was on her way back to the hospital when Hiro’s sister called and told her that Hiro is in critical condition. She ran as fast as she could until she tripped and the pictures were scattered all over the ground. That’s when she noticed it was all just her pictures. Hiro took pictures of her without her knowing.

She dialed Hiro’s phone while running and crying at the same time. Hiro’s sister picked it up and showed the phone to Hiro whose eyes were closed, an oxygen mask on his face. The doctors were also there doing everything they could. When Hiro heard Mika’s voice, he slowly opened his eyes. Mika told him to be strong because they should make pictures together in the future, not just her pictures. She couldn’t stop crying and when she noticed that Hiro was trying to say something, she stopped running and listened closely. Hiro said, “Mi…ka…waratte” (Mika, smile…) While tears were falling down her face, she tried her best and smiled for him. Seeing her smile, Hiro smiled too.

Mika said, “Hiro, I’ll be there soon.” Hiro slowly nodded. She ended the call and started running again. Slowly, Hiro closed his eyes and a tear fell from it. He never woke up again. Mika was too late.

After the funeral, Mika who was having a difficult time coping considered killing herself by jumping off a bridge, but before she could do it, two doves went flying in front of her and she stepped back and dropped the diary Hiro left for her. A strong wind blew over the diary and it opened the pages one by one. Hiro never fails to mention Mika in all of the entries then Mika noticed a letter inserted in one of its pages which goes like this…

To Mika:

By the time you read this letter, I don’t think I’ll be around any longer. I’m really sorry to have left before you. I originally wanted to walk in step with you to the future. In the end, I left first. I’m sorry. I think you must be crying now. But I want to see you smile. I hope that as you read those happy memories, it will bring your smile out. You have to be happy in life after this too. Always wear a smile on your face. Though I have grumbled about my illness, but because I had the chance to meet you, I am deeply grateful. To have meet you, to have spent my life with you, I’m… really very happy. I believe I’m the most fortunate person in this world. That’s why I want to see you smile. And also, I wanted to be by your side watching over you, around you, looking at you. Mika, your love for me…thank you very much. Be strong and live on. You can do it. I’m sure you can.

Itsumade mo aishiteru (Love you always), 
Sakurai Hiroki

After reading the letter, Mika said,

Hiro, gomen. Watashi mo daijoubu da yo.
(Hiro, I’m sorry. I’m fine now..)

Then Mika started to move on just like what Hiro wanted for her. And the thing that gives her courage to live is the sky... The sky of love (koizora).

But, what's the best part about this story is:::
  • I  like it when Hiro gave Mika a flower (it still has roots =b). Then Mika got angry and said she feels sorry for the flower. The next day, Mika noticed that the plant was back on its place and Hiro was putting fertilizer in it.
  • When Hiro dyed his hair black and tried to be a good boy. =)
  • When Hiro found out that he’s going to die, he decided to let go of Mika and did everything to make Mika hate her which I think is the most stupid thing he could have done. He thought it would be easy for Mika to forget him if she hates him. Stupid, right? He’s just hurting them both.
  •  during Chrismas Eve, when Mika finally decided to forget Hiro. It was snowing and Hiro was looking at the departing Mika and said, “Take care on your way home, Mika”. I feel sorry for Hiro because for one thing, he’s already ill. Another thing, he sacrificed everything, even his happiness, for Mika. At that time, Mika already found another man which makes me feel sorry for Hiro even more.
  • When Mika finally found out about Hiro’s illness and her first word was “Baka!” ~ idiot.
  •  when Hiro was dying. Hiro’s sister called Mika and told her Hiro is in critical condition. Mika ran as fast as she could then she called Hiro. Hiro’s sister answered the call for Hiro. Hiro’s last words were, “Mika…waratte”~Mika, smile. While crying, Mika tried her best and smiled. Then Hiro slowly closed his eyes and a tear fell from it.
  • also,when Mika reas Hiro's diary. so sweet yet so sad.