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BIG BAng is BACK + BIG SHOW 2011!!
Sunday, February 27, 2011 | 0 Comments
Yeahhh,, Finally, BigBang is BAck!! Agter 2 lonnngggg years i've waited 4 them..
*well, they're not really gone actually,, they have Japan singles, G-Top duo album and Seungri's VVIP album.., BUT
not as a group under the name of BIGBANG!!!!
everybody, SCREEEEAAAMMMMM!!!!!!!

BigBang  made their comeback on 24/2/2011 and were showed live on SBS 12.00 am (KST).
unfortunately MuBank may not give BigBang a comeback stage.. T_________T..

This was on BigBang comeback shown at SBS,, the boys looks so HOT and shining. *not SHINee,LOL*
i guess not just the VIPs are waiting 4 this comeback,,it seems like they've waited 4 it too..

OMG! TOP looks so hot here!! even his shirt looks like him,, WAIT! is that him on the shirt. LOL!

*TOP,I want that shirt!!

This pic is from BIGBANG BIGSHOW 2011!! look at all those stuff!!! i wabt to buy it all!!!
*especially Daesung 's!! Ahhhaaa~!!! 

BigBang BigShow

Look at our BB leader!! so charismatic.. so handsomee.. so cool.. yet, so dorky[?]

 our  MY DAESUNGi who have become sooo HOT!!!

p/s: i' sorry that only leader n Daesung appeared,,it's coz i only like them,, HAHAHA!!
i like others to, but, not that much,,, hheee,,

look at those sets!!! it really is a big show!!

one of my fav pic!!

DAesung again!!

look closely!!! they have their own shirt that have their face on them!! i was right!! DAESUNG's looks the hottest!!

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