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AIESEC goes to oil palm [?!?!?!]
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | 2 Comments

-As usual, today we have to walk to class from the tapak perhimpunan. Suddenly, Jun : my chingu told me that we have stay in the Dewan Bestari. “YES” . no class for at least half an hour.

Then, Cikgu Din enter the dewan and told us that students from UTM Skudai will come to give a talk about HIV/AIDS and they will use English as a medium. “Oh no, not another babblish talk about healthcare. Recently,we had a teeth care day and yeah, it’s boring…

AIESEC ???? Question marks…., yeah that’s what I thought of when Cikgu Din mention AIESEC .
But, when he said that it is a student exchange program I have this ‘wow’ feeling…
“ I want to go~~” , that’s what I thought.

Around 8.30, the facis arrived. At first, it was only 2 chinese cute Chinese guys, a pretty eonni and the exchange student. I’ts a ‘him’… ^_^..
Then few minutes later another cute chinese guy arrived,,my friend think he was a lot cuter than Alan , but I like Alan more
I’m not a sick psycho, I just love Korean + Japanese + Chinese guys~~~

-B4 the grey shirt oppa arrived, the others introduce themselves first. First is this guy. I don’t remember his namebut shockingly, he looks like my chingu who is not present todey. Here, look. This is him.

this is my chingu~

                        almost the same!!!!

-Next, it was the exchange students, his name is Robert Jan Schouten. He’s 26 years old and come from Holland.

-Then, the pretty eonni . her name is………er,,,,,,,,,,,,hah Nur Zatil 'Isma Zainal

after a brief talk with her, it turns out she will go to India soon.

-Next ,, is ALAN !!!!!!!
Aigoo~~ cute guy…

Finally, the grey shirt guy. It seems he got lost and arrived a little late. That I know from the way Alan talk . well, I am a genius. Hahaha.

we , among girls actually had a poll, and this guy have the most fan mengalahkan Holland guy weyh!

Alan teach us some movements and act.
-When he said “hey KS. We have to answer back “Whats up”, ‘ wuddup’ is better.
-When he ask, ‘ are u cool?’. We have to do a hand-wave gesture and say “ we’re cool~~~”

-The most important movement is the silence act.
*no pic. sorry.

They start with the Wen Qi-look-alike guy. He explains what AIESEC is.

AISEC is a global , non-political, indie, not-for-profit organization. It is run by students and recent graduates of institutions or higher organizations.

Their envision : peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

Next is Robert . he gave a brief explanation about his hometown. Frankly, the only thing I know about Holland is there’s tulips there and windmills…, I read it in one of Hlovate’s novel : Aa + Bb .

Legend has it that if you whisper your lovers name at the wood-carved tulips, then give it as a present to your lovers, then the other person will hear your voice [?] when he/she hear closely.
Now, that’s scary

I don’t know if it’s right or not as I only heard it once, that is a long time ago. He babbles some more about his hometown, the food, culture, religion…bla…bla….bla…
We give a dissappointinh respond…haha.. pity u~~

Then, Robert started to talk about HIV/AIDS. The hows and whys. How it occurred,why does we get infected, how to avoid it, why we have to avoid it,,,bla,,,bla,,bla…. Yeah, stuff like that…

We play games to~` but,it’s not fun at all. Sorry.

We were given 5 minutes break….

After that, the pretty eonni talk about carbon footprints. Thank god it’s not just about HIV.
She talk about how just making orange juice requires a lot of energy and released lots and lots of CO2 .
Moral of the story is : don’t buy orange juice, buy Ribena. It is made from real fruits… @_@.

Finally it’s Alan’s turn!!!! Did u know that we actually had 5R. no,not the paper size but the recycle thing~`

We usually hear about 3R which is Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.
5R start with Rethink, Repair, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.
Thinking back, it is true. In everything we do, we have to think. So, the 1st step is the most important. RETHINK!!!!
Facts: aluminium cans take 50 years to recycle itself. RETHINK before we throw out cans.
Remember, a small change can make the world s better place to stay for future generations…..

After they all had done talking, we were divided into 4 groups.
My group got the pretty eonni. That’s how I know she will go to INDIA soon.

The group beside us got Robert. Ugh!!!!

On 4th – 8th of June , a camp[?] will be held at UTM Skudai . exchange student from around the world will be there.
The fees is RM 130. Click HERE for further info.
Aigoo~~~I want to go. Even my chingu would like to,,but……….T_T..

Eventually, we gave our name, e-mail, class and phone numbers..

After that , we wnt out for group photos. But, I didn’t get the chance to give my camera to the person taking the picture…….,,,, NOTE: got to see cikgu Din to copy the group pic.

Before the group photo ::::

QUIZ!!!! :

Group photo~~~~:

bloopers: ~~~~~~


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