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The Truth behind Jiyong *stupid case*
Saturday, October 8, 2011 | 0 Comments
A deeper and more interesting article about G-Dragon's weed incident, please read;

Maybe there’s more than we think. 
I normally don’t post on my journal. Not lately, anyway. However, in light of recent events, I thought that this should be shared, at one point or another. 

If you came by here, I’m sure that you know that G-Dragon has been caught smoking weed. I’m not going to repeat anything that’s been said already in articles, but this is actually something else that seems to be cropping up on Naver, and I think that it’s important this is shared. It has come DIRECTLY from a Korean Blog post (here is the link if you understand Korean, you can feel free to read it yourself), and it deals with an extremely sensitive topic, so it’s unlikely that this will be on the news / Korean news portals / etc.

Please know that the following MAY NOT be true. No one of authority (YG, the government etc.) have released anything about it, so please try to keep a neutral mind through out it. We’ll never know, but hey, it could also very much be true. 

Please also note that I am Korean. I speak both languages fluently, though my English is better. If there are some things you want me to change / seem wrong, let me know!

The following is a translation of the long blocks of text on the website (the photo)

I have no intentions of “shielding”*

Kwon Jiyong’s marijuana case happened in May, and the verdict was given in July. But why today, on October 5th, did the news reports happen? It was in order to cover the scandal of Government Officials going to the Casino** YG was used by the government, no a bigger force than YG, to cover more than 100 Officials going to casinos more than 20 times back and forth, and bring Jiyong’s scandal further in to the light. Naturally, YG cannot take the articles about G-Dragon down due to the difference in power. The worst part of this is that G-Dragon knew that this was going to happen. Of course, Big Bang also knew that this was going to happen as well. Taeyang’s words on twitter, “It seems that we’re clueless, but we know everything. It may seem like we’re being fooled, but we’re just keeping our eyes closed.” Is meant for exactly this. They (YG) know that in order to cover the Government officials going to the casino, they’re upturning things that happened in the past and spreading it across the nation. Even it seems like they’re being fooled, they’re just keeping our eyes closed.

According to G-Dragon, he went to the washroom while there was a party to celebrate their concert’s success, a young man who seemed like his fan gave him a cigarette as a way of “greeting”. He took two three puffs, and realized that it was different from normal cigarettes, so he flushed it down. Here, many of you are saying, “What kind of idiot can’t tell the difference between a joint and a cigarette” “Why don’t you just confess instead of making excuses and sh**”. There was a possibility G-Dragon could have seen the marijuana and didn’t know - however, he would have known that it wasn’t a normal cigarette, but took it anyway. Honestly, what kind of man in the 20s backs out and throws something like this out saying “it looks dangerous”? Out of curiosity, even if he knew that it was different from the “usual”, he could have smoked it, realized that this wasn’t right, and flushed it down the toilet and left. Still, he is obviously at fault here. He should have thought of his position, and firmly decline the offer. 

However, after that, his urine tests came out negative, his hair tests came out positive to a miniscule amount, G-Dragon remembered the incident (above) and said, that it wasn’t completely his intentions to smoke it, and the amount he smoked was too small to be charged with. Out of shock, this is probably why he shaved all his hair. The conclusion came out in July, and his hair being shaved was in August. The prosecutor in charge said that there wasn’t any sort of link between the two, and the case was already over. 

Kwon Jiyong knew that this article was going to be posted today.
I went to the Dream Concert two days ago.
G-Dragon didn’t fly around the stage, yell, jump, have ad libs. 
He didn’t do any of these things. I thought something was wrong, 
And even when all the stars came out of the van for photo time, GD&TOP didn’t ever show up. 
Kwon Jiyong already knew. A few days later, everyone will look at me and point fingers… 
The reason he suddenly shaved his head, got 3*** strange tattoos suddenly link together.****
How much pain would he have gone through?

The picture / blocks of text end here. The following is what came next, in words.

G-Dragon’s marijuana case came to a close in July.
Then why did it show up on news now?
They were making this an issue to cover up for the officials going to the casino.

After the case, he shaved his head because of all the pain he was going through
And he paid careful attention to himself on stage and left quietly during the Dream concert. 

Even if… It was his fault for smoking marijuana, imagine all the burdens he had to go through.. 

I’m not shielding for no reason. 
I recognize that he smoked marijuana, and I’m not shielding him for that.

But even if he smoked marijuana, it’s not like he did something unspeakable*****

In stead of bashing, criticize. 
Don’t parody his name, his songs, and scar him. 


From this point on are my, the TRANSLATOR’s views on the matter.

It makes sense, in a way. The way that G-Dragon seemed silent and down (and as some fans had put it, arrogant) during the concerts in Singapore and Malaysia. Maybe he didn’t know that this exact thing was going to happen, but he realized what he did, and he was afraid. He didn’t have the guts to face his fans who put his trust in him, and he would have rather been called arrogant by fans than pretend to be happy when he wasn’t. He didn’t want to half-ass his job in front of his fans, probably because he knew himself that he wouldn’t be able to keep up such a happy act. Thanking each of them, accepting the fan’s gifts. Big Bang, who knew what was going on, also shared a similar mood, which was why they were all :|. 

Secondly, it also makes sense that TOP decided to hug him out of the blue like that. Maybe it WAS fan service, and I’m over analyzing things, but it’s possible it was TOP’s way of trying to cheer his leader and group mate up. A little hasty and awkward (because it’s TOP). It certainly makes sense when you think about the Dream concert a few days ago. TOP’s also been beat-boxing and whatnot, and he’s been trying to cover for GD’s lack of enthusiasm. 

Translation: You think I don't know that but I know all. It may seem like I'm being deceived but I'm just keeping my eyes closed.

Translation from @huisuyoon

SE7EN’s tweet response to Taeyang, and the fact that he showed up at GD’s North Face photo shoot also fits here. SE7EN is someone GD trusts. He must have known SOMETHING about this. That’s why he told Taeyang to calm down a little. Minji… well, we don’t know if she knew anything about this, with her tweet to Taeyang as well, but hey, anything’s possible. 

YG didn’t seem that surprised that the article was posted up 3 months after the tests. All they spoke of was an emergency meeting, and how they apologize for his actions. It’s also true that they’re not taking any articles down from the internet from different websites, like they usually would. 

There are many of you who are saying, “If he smoked weed in May, and the tests were in July, how did it show up? Marijuana stays in your body for only 10 days.” There needs to be some clarifications. The party / smoking happened in MAY. G-Dragon came back from Japan in the END OF MAY. The test happened in the BEGINNING OF JUNE. The results, and I repeat, the results came out in JULY. Does that clear things up? 

It is heartbreaking, hearing all this. However, if there’s something that I want everyone to know, it’s that they shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions, or making assumptions. Stop saying things like “I’m not surprised GD was caught smoking weed. He probably does it all the time.” Yeah, okay, he looks like he would. Does that mean he does? Stop thinking that he gets high all the time in the studio. I may not know him personally, and I may be wrong on this too, but shouldn’t we at least give someone we LIKE, someone we ADMIRE the trust he deserves? If his own fans are going around saying “LOL HIGH HIGH. I’M SO HIGH.” Who’s he supposed to fall back on? At the same time, if his fans are going around saying “IT’S NOT HIS FAULT, IT WAS THE JAPANESE MAN”, that puts him in a terrible spot in light of people who already disliked him. Just trust his word and YG’s word on it, and show him that we’re supporting him. That’s all we need to do. He’s strong enough to get through this. 

Oh, and don’t hate on the Korean Government so much. Please don’t be playing the blame game, saying things like “OH THIS IS ALL THEIR FAULT haflkjaehflj DDD<” It might not even be their fault. Either way, it’s not going to be of much help. Just let it be. The reason I took my time to translate this was because I wanted the international fans to understand what COULD have been happening. Have the equal standing, because it sucks that the only things being bothered to be translated are official news articles. Stuff like this unfortunately doesn’t get translated. 

Finally, you can feel free to take this anywhere you like. Link it on your journals, link it on tumblr, whatever. Just make sure that my credit isn’t lost, and the original naver credit of the blogger isn’t lost, either. If you want others to know (I want them to know, too!), do what you’d like. I don’t care if it’s copied & pasted somewhere else, either. I’m not asking for comments, I just want the credit and the original poster’s credit somewhere there. 

Also! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment! I’ll be checking here periodically, to answer any questions you have ^^

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