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Saturday, June 25, 2011 | 0 Comments
Green Agent Summit.

I follow this summit coz kak zatil invited me, I went alone but I didn’t have a slightest regret bout it!
I have so much fun, new friends most importantly cute n hnsem new boy!!

Hahaa,, weee~

*don ask where I it the pic, I’m a stalker* :p

Day 1: so, there was I sitting alone where infront of me got another malay girl, her name is farah and she came alone too,,
As we were sitting t
here having an awkward moment, this nice *eonni approach us, she talk to Farah n me, then another Chinese OC sat at the same table

After that, guess what ,, I met Shane !! mwahaaa,, yeah , the one who came to my school that looks a lot like my friend,

We were introduced to the Facis, OCs, dancing around, sugarcubes n “THE BOX” by the cute chairperson.
Then , we have to sit in group n start our icebreaking session. Our faci is Shu Ying, nice faci. Farah n I end up being n the same group >> GROUP8 / Turtle Group..
We played some games n more games. weee~~~

Anyway, after icebreaking I can feel some group feeling lah,, *klau x tu rase terasing jee,,,*

Then we were shown The Big Picture n World Café, after the two session we have to discuss some of the world issue n werher we agree or disagree with it,,

Dinner, bla..bla..bla…

More games! We were divided again into groups to play Human Machine and Mafia Game!!
At Human Machine, each group has to act up a machine and another group has to guess it, points will e given, my newly-arranged-group had to act out an aeroplane, ut we didn’t win though coz the group behind us seems more energetic. LOL.

When playing Mafia Game, I killed all the villagers! Mwahahahahahaha!!! *evil laugh*
Although the spy suspect me, but I didn’t get caught, the other mafia didn’t wake up when we were told to, *I guess I was good at being the Mafia is bcoz my group played it at our icebreaking session* so simple, just put on a POKERFACE,, hahahaha..

Anyway, the FCs team also had to act out a machine, it was on a big scale as all the FCs were involved,, at first, I didn’t recognized it but after they did it two time, my group guessed correctly bcoz of me lerrr....
*it was a vending machine, some of them even asj what a vending machine is,,, * ??????

Day 2 : poto takin session,, group photo, FCs + OCs photo n everyone…,,got to stalk some more. <3

Then we have Green University where we go into classes that we had choose. i chose Finance&Budgetin,, what I want to strongly state here is my group won the proposal writing in F&B class,my group had only 3 delegates n I do all the work, the other 2 Chinese girls was like : “lets just copy back on the screen” *wudduh*


We have Traffic Light Party where we have to wear shirts according to one of the traffic light colour, choosed red n I think the red team did great ….

anyway, day 2 ended GREATTTT,,,

Day 3 : we r going to TG PIAI !!!!!!
arrived at the "Southernmost Tip Of Asia"

got GLOBAL VILLAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

::::::: will be continued:::::::::::::::::::::