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KPOP? It's just too much now.
Saturday, December 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo.

I just did an extreme makeover to my blog! Why? beecause I have the time.

2012, it's coming to an end now and wheeewww~ It was so hectic!

The thing is , this year I feel like KPOP idols i changing like changing clothes.

One moment it was raging with B.A.P, moment later EXO took over.

Not forgetting the girl group too, AOA? SPICA? 
and that like only a percent that I mentioned over so many others.

and, oohh~ the COMEBACKS.

BLOCK B and BIGBANG is my most favorite! 

Why? Because I think both groups deserve to be loved.

They both went through some harsh times, BLOCK B was criticized so harsh. Well, that's what I thought.

Now, don't make me start on BIGBANG. As a VIP, I still think GD's case have some inner motive behind it, It feels like someone was using him to put a stop on another bigger case.

Recently, Malaysia is bombarded with many KPOP artistes. Don't you think so?
By frequent visits mean more fanbase is increasing. 
Seriously, the fans now vary from a really early age like 10~14.

During my early years as a KPOP fans, I feel so happy. Because not many really give their best interests to KPOP. I can spazz by myself and share info with overseas fans.

But, now.... It's just too mainstream.

Everywhere..EVERYWHERE is KPOP now!

WAIT! Don't get me wrong. I love KPOP. I really do. In fact I can't live without K-Drama and K-Variety!

But it  feels like Malaysian students will become out of focus from their studies. Imagine a class full of fangirls and fanboys. They'll jut chats all day about KPOP.

Ohh,, believe me. It is possible.

My point is, KPOP is good. But, too many of good things might backfire.

Seriously, imagine a 13 y/o having a tumblr, twitter and blog just to be filled with KPOP. He/She is just a Form 1! Just starting a life journey. Isn't just too much by now?

If u ever find this post and finds me annoying. Well, thats your problem.

It is for me to write and for u to shut up!