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My Thoughts On - BIGBANG
Friday, April 27, 2012 | 0 Comments
Dear my blog,
I've been soooo busy lately with schoolworks and life to struggles on.
i have a big *future-life-happiness-related* EXAM to be taken at the end of this year.
and in a week i have my mid-year exam too.

i've been well with my oppas n hubby that is BIGBANG, and
my angel :) Kang Daesung.

it was #BirthDaeWings  yesterday, i celebrated it by posting pictures and stuff.
i'm so proudd of him, and his hyungs...-MAKNAE too!
he's been in so much trouble last year and BIGBANG too that made them almost breaking up.
I'm glad that PAPA YG is a very great man that he pushed BIGBANG back to keep going on.

My Hubby :)
a birthday boy yesterday.
will always be my SMiling Angel.

I don't understand y some people is saying that he is the least needed member in BIGBANG.
i bet the one saying that must be an anti.
i bet she/he must've never really understand what BIGBANG is.

BIGBANG is unique.
their members r unique in their very own way.
there are no perfect human being so y r u bashing.

-Kwon Jiyong-
is a man that i really respect.
he writes songs, produce n write lyrics.
there's not many idol group leader that do that.
okay, he may have been in a big trouble last year.
but, the "MARIJUANA" case itself looks like a BIG-FAT-LIE to me.
i don't care the if the test was positive. 
for GodSake, they test his HAIR, u IDIOT!!!
and, the biggest factor that he's a great leader is...
he can STYLE any HAIRSTYLE out there! 
u name it, he'll nail it straight!

 -Choi Seung Hyun.-
as the oldest, he plays his part well.
he's been very nice to his dongsaengs.
i don't care if people say bromance is ewwww.
i believe that BROMANCE is needed.
either its as a fanservice or real.
i do ship them together.
-GDAE. GTOP. G-Ri. GDYB. ToRi. DaeRi. ToDae.-
what's there to like about him?
well, everything!
his rap, -that doesn't need to move his mouth-
his looks. his smile. his body-concious. (TOP dont like to show his body)
his killer eye. (careful, can make u pregnant)!

-Kang Daesung-
he is my everything!!!
in my eyes he is the perfect man!
my ideal type!
totally my style!
Daesung is a gag-genius-idol.
i know it sounds weird. 
but, it's true.
i fell in love with his voice at first.
then when i say him in FO,
i feel like looking at a totally different side of him. 
HE IS SO HOT in my eyes.
No words can describe him.
just, perfectness.

-Dong Yeong Bae-
for this guy right here.
he proved his fans that he too can make a solo album n success.
his album- HOT n SOLAR.
both have great songs in it.
he's also like a MOTHER in BIGBANG.
people says that he is forever alone.
because he is such a good cristian boy and go to church every Sunday.
i have a confession.
i have never have a crush on him.
idk, it's just that.........I RALLY DON't KNOW y i've never fallen for him.
but, i guess it's just me.
he have his own fair share of VIP and i think i will stick with my hubby. =)
y u should like him is that, he have nice voice. 
u can hear it in BIGBANG songs, he always sings the chorus part.
he's also a great dancer-in his own style.
he's shy. *awwww* xcept when he's dancing. LOL.
he also can RAP.
not like TOP, but yeah. better than average other idols.
hes also been friends with GD for over 10years!

-Lee Seung Hyun-
this guy, right here, is a
well, that's what his fans call him.
he have many girls contact.
he is witty and one of the foundation of Strong Heart (?).
that's what he claims. LOL.
whenever he speaks, one of his hyungs secret will come out.
when he is young, he often gets in trouble with his hyungs n PAPA.
also, he is my first crush.
he is very good with aegyo. 
his nickname is PANDA because of his eyebags problems.
but, he still have many fans.

here's the thing.
i know each and everyone of them have their own strength
and weaknesses.
when they are together,
they complete each other.
that's what make a group to be
In one word.
they are


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