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"Segmen: I Adore My Bias by Amni dan Dalilah"
Sunday, December 16, 2012 | 3 Comments

Good Morning guys~ i found something interesting today. Keke. Found this on one of my blog tuto's blog. /wait, that sounds weird. haha/
Please click the pic for the link lovelies~
Anyway, this is not intended to make money or anything. ie:no prizes. haha.
So, whoever wants to join also can, and Reza i'm tagging u. Although u barely loves KPOP. ok?

Now. Let The Fun Begins~~

1. Bila korang mula minat KPOP?

I think I started when I was 11 because omma was really into k-drama at that time. Around 13, BOF came out and at that time i slowly but surely investigating about this culture. haha. sounds weird isn't it?

2. Bias korang yang pertama korang minat siapa?

My first bias was someone in SuJu, it was either Kyu or Teuk. Then I fell for YoSeob, DuJun and HyunSeung. Oh, before that i am sooo~ into RiRi, JiYong and Daesung.
Then EXO and BAP jumped out of nowhere and disturbs my list like any other fangirl out ther. /ohh~ I noe u noe wat I mean/

3. Korang ada berapa bias?

In every boygroup, I should have 2-3 people that I love  like. /TEEHEE/

4. Top 3 bias korang siapa? 

Kang Daesung. Woo Jiho [Zico].  Tablo.

5. Kenapa korang minat dia?

Daesung's smile, humor-side and personality.
Zico's rap and aegyo.
Tablo babyface and voice.
/yup, i'm officially weird now/

6. Macam mana boleh minat dia?

For Daesung, I think it started on a poster. Yes, on a damn piece of paper. I saw him smiling and somewhat he pierced my cold-heart apart. Also, I watched FO1 and he is damn funny! Actually he was the least-fav member but now he is number 1. /Suddenly playing BB-Number1/

Zico. this guy here.. I think his multiple personality is why i liked him.  I can see he is fierce and 'ganas' while he is rapping. but he also have his cute side too. y'knoe what i mean if you've watch his aegyo~ doing cute sounds, pouting mouth. /ovaryexplodes/

Tablo, I like him from Epik High's songs like Love Love Love, 1minute 1 second and Daydream. Also, he's one of my first bias.

7. Gambar bias korang yang PALING korang suka?




8. Suara bias korang dalam lagu/cerita apa yang paling korang suka?

Daesung : Wings, Cotton Candy, Let Me Hear your Voice, Blue, Lies.
Tablo : Don't Hate Me, Bad, From The Bottom and~~ Dear TV
Zico : Movie's Over, Halo, No Joke, Romantically, Nillili Mambo

9. Apa yang special pasal bias korang tu?

Dae is OMG! i always smile whenever thinking bout him. kekeekeke. That's IT! Dae is special because he makes me smile. <3

Zico's rap is mind-fcking! I really2 love it when he raps then U-Kwon's voice come in followed by Kyung~

Tablo: He's one of longest running hiphop artiste. From indie, under a label, having their own company than jumped to YG. 
Seriously I can't convey my feelings in words when he entered YG.

10. Group KPOP mana yang korang paling minat sekarang?

BIGBANG. Block B. EXO. Beast. Infinite.

11. Music video KPOP yang paling korang minat apa? 

Nyatakan sebab.

Lies, cux it's one of my first.
Blue, cuz it's so meaningful.
Nillili Mambo, it's so fun with Zico's outfit and all.
Please Don't, u have prob if u don't like this. /yaoi, unachieved love. *wink2*/
Epik High- Fan : high level of creepyness~ /me gusta!/

12. Korang pernah tak pergi showcase/konsert diorang? 

Nope. But if i've gone I'll probably will lose my mind for few days. haha

13. Album KPOP apa yang korang ada sekarang?

Bigbang-Alive. Have other official goodies too.

14. Kalau korang diberi peluang untuk ke Korea..bias mana  yang korang nak jumpa dulu?

Would most probab;y try to sneak into YG first!! haha.
If got lucky can meet Tablo and Daesung!

15. Andai kata 3 ultimate bias korang tu baca post ni.. apa  ucapan korang untuk dia?

Dear Dae, Tablo and Zico.
Thank you for being yourself and keep fighting to achieve your dreams. If u all have given up during trainees days, I would never have the chance to meet u guys although just from afar.
Keep being strong and never worry to show your true self.
We all are humans that make mistakes.
I sincerely love u guys with all my heart. 
/wondering y my top3 bias had problems with netizens in the past?/

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