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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 | 0 Comments
Hi guys, so recently there's this vid where a woman called Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, the  Presiden Suara Wanita 1Malaysia atau SW1M tries to answer a very brilliant questions, well thats  what i assumed from Bawani KS, a student.

Apparently, Bawani was giving debates on few problems but mostly on Malaysian education system where she questioned why can't we have free education from early years because the budget for PTPTN is currently extremely high.

she also said that if only 20billion is taken from the 200bil peruntukan it can give free education.

so, that aunty,   Sharifah Zohra listen  Jabeen or whoever her name is, cannot answer.

She rudely stopped the student Bawani KS, from creating more damages to her brainwashing. yup, thats a brainwashing there.

she stopped it by saying "LISTEN" and repeating it for over 43565987097885754 times.

then , when she can't think anymore ideas she started to merepek an animals problems.

First, it was the cat. not just any cats. it was the cats who always try to ask food from food stall or anyplace where they can get few extra bones. 
she said, "so the cat ask for bones, but we human just sepak them away"

Ok, i don't get what she was trying so hardly to say. was that a metaphore, idioms for stupid or what. only she knows.

then the DOG, the dog that howls and we, human say " eh, Doggy, y u keep howling. noisy-la"
Based on what she said, "God created DOGS like that, who r we to bash?"

i DIED right there, what's ur point woman?????

after that comes the SHARK. oh wait, i didn't hear it. fast forwarded cuz idw anymore animal talk. Who knows, maybe she is an animal-lover.

My point is.
#LISTEN hashtag is trending. and did u guise see what my blog's name is? 
YUP. it's listen . listen . listen.

oh, kamon-la. y u need to take my blog's name. dammit!

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