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A Werewolf Boy : 늑대소년
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | 4 Comments

I have just finished watching this like 10 minutes ago, yup, it took that long for me to finally calmed down and review this shit  movie. 

The movie started as an older version of Soon-i (Park Boyoung) got up from sleep and get ready for the day, she looked at herself into the mirror and checked every wrinkles that she had. At that time, she is living with his son's family is the US, her granddaughter (also played by Park Boyoung) is in Korea studying. That morning while having breakfast, she got a phone call from Korea that made her come to a decision to go back to Korea.

At Korea, her granddaughter already waited for her and took her to a place, her old house while she was living in Korea. It's a decent house with a barn beside it. Her granddaughter ask about the house and she tell her stories...

47 years ago, Soon-i, her mother and her younger sister moved into the house. There were only two families on the island and including them makes it three. As usual there will always be a "Jerk" character in movies, he was arrogant, proud and very thick-faced. Apparently he bought the house and gave it to Soon-i's family to live because Soon-i is sick, her lungs are not well. But, the jerk actually thinking to make her as his bride. 

That night, Soon-i feels someone or something is watching her, he tried to wake her sister up but she won't budge. Her mother was a lost cause because she was dead tired. She goes out and went into the barn, there he saw a pair of eyes, shining at her and approaching towards her that make her scream her lungs out.

Next morning, while she was hanging laundry, she finally saw the thing that she saw last night. She didn't like him a bit also he looks like a beggar too. Her mother, on the other hand, offered him food and we finally see some Song Joongki. *yay*. He ate like he had been starving for days.

Her mother quickly called police and try to ask everywhere about this beggar-like kid he just found. Finally she brought him back home and took care of him, bathed him, clothed and fed him. He was practically golfing down all the food.

Little by little Soon-i start to gets warm towards Cheol-su, his new name.She eventually has fun taming him according to a dog-training manual. She teaches him how to wait patiently before a meal, how to wear clothes, how to speak, how to write and other human behavior so that he could one day live like a normal man. Chul-soo demonstrates unswerving loyalty and superhuman brawn, thus inspiring the envy of Ji-tae, who lusts after Suni.

As Suni attempts to “civilize” the beast, the two eventually become very close. Suni opens her heart to Chul-soo, and he in turn falls in love with her, the only person to ever show him affection.

One night the Ji-Tae come to the house and try to take Soon-i by force, she told cheol-soo to wait but Ji-Tae pushed Soon-i to the ground that triggers Cheol-soo angers and turned him into a beast, a werewolf. A very strong one. He attacked the other 3 guys that Ji Tae brought along, while he was on the verge to hit Ji-Tae, Soon-i stopped him and he turns into normal again but she was already afraid of him. Ji Tae made a big fuss about, he took Cheol-soo to the police station. Finally, it was decided that Cheol-soo need to get out of the house, he was told to live inside the barn.

They decided to lock Cheol-soo up inside the barn in the exact place where Soon-i found Cheol-soo. Cheol-soo would look outside the window everyday just to see Soon-i.

Soon-i and her family were cleaning out the barn and they found some of the last owners things. Ji Tae looked through it and saw something strange, he brought it to a professor who knew the last owner of the house who was a scientist. Apparently, the scientist was studying to make a new breed of species by mixing human DNA and Wolf DNA and the result is, as you all can see is Cheol-soo. 

One day, Soon-i finally got her hand on the barn's key. She brought Cheol-soo out to play. Soon-i come up with a game , they were to race each other and see who reached the destination first shall grant the other's wish. As they were running, Cheol-soo quickly surpassed her. 

Suddenly, she got a minor attack and dropped on the ground. Cheol-soo was running all over the place, first he went to their house but nobody were home. Then he ran to a granny house, it was empty too. His mind went blank, finally they ended up in the woods. 

That night, a search party was made to search for Soon-i along with some other unfamiliar party. They found Cheol-soo and Soon-i, who was unconscious on the ground. Cheol-soo was watching over her. As usual, Ji Tae was making a really big fuss about it, how dangerous Cheol-soo is and some other rubbish.

The professor explained to Soon-i's mom about how Cheol-soo is different in a way. Finally, he was locked up, again, in a more vicious way. Like a beast would be locked up to. 

One damned  faithful night, Ji-Tae who couldn't take it anymore, carries out his evil plan. He hit Mr. Jung, the goat ajusshi until he passed out, he cut the power line for Soon-i's house and decided to meet Cheol-soo. He brainwashed him about how Soon-i don't really like him, and how he can make Soon-i really like him. He told Cheol-soo that he need to retrieve back Soon-i's guitar from Mr. Jung house to make Soon-i love him. 

And of course, Cheol-soo did it! But, Ji-tae, that jerk, told everyone that Cheol-soo was the one who hit Mr. Jung and one of the guards. They all finally ended up in front of Mr. Jung's house. Until the last moment, Soon-i keep protecting Cheol-soo. It made JiTae even angrier and looses his temper, he kicked and kicked Soon-i's fragile body. Chel-soo who was watching all of it changed again to a were wolf! In front of everyone. He finally killed Ji-Tae before Soon-i even have tha chance to stop him. Without a doubt, everyone's face was in shock and scared. Cheol-soo ran far away into the woods, carrying Soon-i with him.

In the morning, Soon-i saw all the people who are searching for her, he told Cheol-soo to run away so he won't get caught but Cheol-soo keep following her.
"Hide yourself. Quickly. People are coming. Don't follow me. Go, you idiot. I can't be with you now. Go! Get off! I hate you so get off. Let me go!!"
Cheol-soo keep shoving his head towards her indicating that he wants her to pat her head. Accidentally, Soon-i slapped him. It was a very emotional scene. 

"Don't come. I'll go. I said don't come, I'm going!!!"

Finally for the first time, Cheol-soo said a word, "Don't go" "Kajima"

 The search party found Soon-i and asked where Cheol-soo is, the only thing she replied is, "I don't know."

After that, they moved out of the house, Soon-i left a note for Cheol-soo.

Wait. I'll come back for you

The scene is finally back into the present time, Soon-i decided to stay the night with her granddaughter. That night, while talking to her boyfriend outside, she saw something that made her bring in a stun gun into the house.

It's 1.23am , Soon-i wake up. She sat on a sofa and without knowing, she checked the edges of the sofa and found a piece of caramel, wrapped in a piece of newspaper. Then she heard footsteps, of someone walking then running. She make her way towards the barn. The barn was no longer filled with cages, it is now filled with plants and at the end of the barn, inside the last room, it was bright from lights within it. She wanted to walk away but then turned around again. She opened the door and inside she find Cheol-soo. He was the same, just like how he left him 47 years ago. He didn't got old.

Cheol-soo showed her a note, the note which she left for him. He was holding onto a guitar, Soon-i's guitar that was smashed into pieces. He rearranged them and build it back, there were stitches mark all over it.

"You waited for me?" , Soon-i asked. Cheol-soo nodded. Again he shoved his head towards Soon-i hoping for a pat.\

"Come here, stop waiting"

Cheol-su ya, I’m sorry, why did you wait for me. I’m sorry. I had done everything myself, I eat things I want, I wear clothes I want, I met guy and married, I even have my child, that’s how I lived. I am sorry. 
I am an old lady now, my hair too turned white. 
No, it's the same. Your hands too, lips, eyes. You're still beautiful. I missed you very much. 
Cheol-soo read the book she gave her, called "Snowman", deep into the night. 
In the morning, Cheol-soo was already gone. Soon-i is on the way to go back to US, she got a call and rejected the apposition to sell the house.
Cheol-soo? Cheol-soo watch Soon-i from afar as her granddaughter drives her to go back to US.


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Blogger eCha said...

bahase inggeris sume.. tak paham... haha..=="

Blogger kaikayy said...

hahahaa, aku nak tules BM sbnanye, tapi terkeluar jugak BI nye. :P

Blogger Yun Syazwani said...

love this part

we finally see some Song Joongki. *yay*

haha.. i will watch it.. sound nice..

i just watch jackal is coming..that movie was so funny..jeajoong (jyj) and ji hyo (running man )

Blogger kaikayy said...

I already saw that movie, act copied from my friend,
Jackal, Werewolf boy, The Thieves, Runway Cop. all got at the same time, enjoying them,, ^^


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