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Another Part Of Me : Comics.
Thursday, February 28, 2013 | 9 Comments

Comics! If you hear this words, a normal person would imagine Japan, with lots and lots of their successful manga and animes. Or, Murica having Marvel comics and all that stuff.

But this is Malaysia, you gotta admit Malaysia have it's very own homeground amazing comic artiste that produce high-level comics. From my point of view, magazines company that produce GempakStarz and Utopia were the one responsible leading the way for Malaysian artiste creating their own base to sell and show their arts.

I started reading comics since I was 8-9, it was a habit for me to read when I was little, thanks to my mom who keeps buying storybooks to improve my English. But, there's a catch, for every book she make me read, I'll pick another , entertainment-based books  at that time is Doraemon or Detective Conan. I have around 15 volumes of Doraemon at that time around my house but it started to go missing one by one, who knows where it went.
As I get older, my choice of books vary, I start to take notice of magazines like Klik, Gempak or Utopia but it's mostly Gempak.

The new generation might not even know there were a magazine called Utopia, I believe it's production was terminated few years back.

My collection, upper shelf and lower shelf.

Behind the first lineup of upper shelf is where I put my precious Kaoru's collection. Some of them are still in plastics.

I started collecting comics when I was around 12, most of my comics are from GempakStarz and lots of them are translated from Japanese Manga. The very first solid Malaysian comic that I read was 143 by Kaoru. Without a doubt, I start to follow every book that she make. 143, it was my unni's book but I think she borrowed it to someone else and never got it back so I bought my own, but till this day she claimed that the book in my possession is hers. WTV. It's mine cuz I bought it, how can I forget the very first comic that I bought.

Another comic artiste that caught my attention was Zint, I know him thru my hyung. He also produced many comics but my personal favourite is Under18, the first one in the Under18 series and a two-series comic called 2Dudes / 2Dudes : For Life.
His comics is mainly inspired by local acts and everyday issues added with a little humor and funny drawing, it was an easily approachable comics and not too hard for children to understand. He also ventured into mystical and magical themed comics like, 'Xpressi Tempur' and 'Kisah Pengembaraan Kroit'.

Back to Kaoru, she's a very talented artist, did I said that before? Oh, well. If she's that talented another praise wouldn't kill. One of her early works were, as I said before, "143" which literally means 'I Love You'. The comic contains around 7-8 single love stories, as it was her first work, her drawing still have rooms for improvements.
Her second book, I beg to differ, with tremendously improved skills and story line  was a really really good work. All of the stories in it also have their own identity and doesn't get in the way of another. My personal favourite in Colours is My Sun, that was pulled into two parts and the sweetest love story ever told for just a few pages of paper.

Kaoru's Cake House and Daisuki, I'm not sure which book were released first but I vaguely remember owning Kaoru's Cake House first before Daisuki. KCH used one of her very own oiginal characters from the first book, the 3 handsome guys who works in a bakery owned by their very friend, Wing. Kaoru created and themed their characters perfectly according to their role in the bakery but with a slight twist. Denny is Wing's best friend and being the sole reason that made Wing open his own Cake House-to protect him. Denny is so clumsy and easily-fooled while putting too much faith in Tarot Cards that made Wing feel responsible to protect him. And true to his worries, Denny just keep getting into trouble. But, Wing also have his own way to release his stress, by bullying Denny everyday.

Bob, a very cute guy with amazingly good skill with fighting. He just loves cake! He can finish 5-6 cakes in a day. By working in the cake house, it made him happy because he can be around all the cakes every day. On a side note, he's a university student and already have a girlfriend from the first books.

Izz, an ambitious boy who dreams to open his own cake house one day. He's working in Kaoru's Cake House to slowly earn money and experience working in a cake house. He also have a girlfriend namely, Liyana who have a disease to faint easily if she's too nervous or shocked.

But, in Kaoru's Cake House, none of their girlfriends were there.

In Daisuki, we meet Wing's younger sister, Samantha who have a same-age boy liking him but their height difference is 20CM. Samantha being the taller one.

One of my favourite story in KCH would most probably be '5 Kekasih'

Let's go to series comics by Kaoru. Her very first attempt to create a series comic was not a bad choice, in fact she gain more popularity due to the dreamy Helios and by using her imagination, created a whole different world from the Human World. Helios Eclipse is by far the most enjoyable Kaoru's comic for me.

Her second series comic is Maid Maiden that finally closed it's curtain early this year. Shawn, Bennet, Alivia and Lily. The ending was a bit different from what I hoped, I wanted it to be more grand and sweet but I think it's fine.

Lower shelf of my collection. As you can see I don't leave it's cover on the book. I keep it separately.

You see, to be a good comic artiste,you must first know who is your target audience. I can see Kaoru's target audience would be young school girls who are just starting to enjoy young love and smile at themelves imagining all the sweet things happening to them in real life.

But, for Zint, his target audience most probably boys, men and maybe girls who enjoys light humors and can cope with not-so-pretty drawings. As long as his storyline is good.

Kaoru and Zint, both of them already have a strong base in Malaysian comic industries because most of their first fans are now 18-19 y/o.

Kaoru unni, I hope you'll make more and more love story comics that once make a younger version of me swoon over some fictional characters.

Zint gege, I just know that you'll make it big one day the first time I put your works in my hand.

Here's to my most favorite Malaysian comic artist, kudos to you.

Edit : Daisuki was released first before Kaoru's Cake House.

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Blogger Yun Syazwani said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Yun Syazwani said...

gosh !! youre just like me.. i love kouru.. she so good at drawing.. i have all her comic book except daisuki.. still searching .. i have 123 comic book in my room.. nak kumpul lagi..... T_T

Blogger kaikayy said...

LOL! XDD, welcome to the group!! Kaoru was the one who made me love malaysian comics!! Daisuki is also one if my most treasured comics, it went missing for a year and miraculously came back to me, turns out somone took it from my parents car w/out prmission. i havent bought the latest comic from her though, i think its called Love Triangle but i already read from my friend!! :)

Blogger kaikayy said...

I think around 20 volumes of my comic books went missing or someone borrowed and have no intention to give back. hmph! engat aku beli free2 ke weh...

Blogger Yun Syazwani said...

haha.. mintak balik.. mahal tu..
7.50 x 2o dah berape..

nak belik komik..tapi duit tinggal RM00.00

Blogger kaikayy said...

tulah pasall, buku2 tu kawan kat mlake pinjam, sy skrg kat johor

Blogger yun yazwani said...

same !! duduk mane ??

Blogger kaikayy said...

kite kat kulai je, awak?

Blogger yun yazwani said...



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