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MTV World Stage in Malaysia and EXO
Thursday, August 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

So, who's excited for EXO coming to Malaysia!!
It will be held this 8th September right!! And there's a tricky part in accessing the ticket, u cn't buy it. oh no no.
You have to win it!!

First : Go here
 The game will be on every half an hour and sometimes it's full so you have to wait for another chance :(

Read the how to before you start playing. And if you found the yellow icon you will have to answer a question ((or two)),  if u're a Malaysian it won't be hard but the question only consist of topics related to the World Stage like the artists and venue. Stuff like that, yeah.
So it's better if scroll  through the MTVAsia page first.

And one more thing , guess who won her passes!! ((points at self)) ((whispers : me~)

LOL , I won mine at my first try ((pure luck maybe??))

And have you guys watched the MV GROWL by EXO?? If not go watch it now!! OMG it's so awesome. No wonder the choreographer was mad when it got leaked >.<
According to him we missed the special effect if we watch the leaked practice vid ((me)).

I mean just look at the camera play in the MV, and it's so raw!! I love it, raw as in they only did one take, no edits whatsoever.

Really2 daebak!

p/s : I won two pair of passes already ((now my dear, that's awesomeness))

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