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I Won something . mom are you proud of me?
Friday, September 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

One fine night, when Nilly was studying her asses off, she logged onto twitter to release her inner fangirl and cries on younger boys called Seventeen that casually ruins her life. Just then a tweet caught her eyes, about EXO coming to MAlaysia for MTVWorldstage. Mindblankly she asked the admin on how to win the passes. 

She need to go into MTV website and play a game. Really simple game, and at that historious night she won her first pair of passes. But, as she was rather stupid, she gave a really simple address, not even a postcode was stated. 

She needed few hours to process the information until finally she realized she made a rather stooopid mistake. But still she feels excited because sapa x eksaited weh, menang tiket nak jumpa exo tu.

She invited one of her new friends she made in PALAM, her name is Hanisah, another fangirl that loves EXO. Fortunately, her house is nearby and so Nilly's transport to go there is settled.

But then, Nilly still feel anxious bcoz what if the ticket didn;t reach her. and so boldly she try another few times to win one more pair of passes, as a safety net, so she can go there. 

And magically or maybe bcause pure luck she won again! this time Nilly made sure that she gave a full address and full information about everyhting! and so, another problem was settled.

As Nilly's days gets near to the date she was supposed to get the tix, she gets more anxious. What if it never arrives . What if it is lost in the mail, so many what ifs and then /wham/ she went to sleep . XD

Just then, Nilly saw an info regarding XZONE passes. the meet&greet. the info slaps her hard in the face because wow she wants that passes! And one of the way to get it is by buying one of XPAX pack. At that time, Nilly's housemate : Najian, asked for her help to download a movie. So Nilly told her to buy a RM5 topup to put in her broadband, so she can buy the internet and download the movie for her. 

Nilly used that opportunity and buy the SUrf PAck, using that RM5 topup. But up until few days ago, she realized that maybe she will never win the xzone. That she wanted so much ;~~;

She even thought of not going because it will be too crowded anyway and what use if she cant see EXO closely.

SIDe Story : It turns out MTV will contact all the winners and ask for a complete address , and Nilly got one of the email! That leads to a conclusion that she have 4 passes in her hands. HAhAhAH, so she sold two! 
And left with two more..heeeheee

YESTERDAY, was a really magical day for Nilly. So her class taht was supposed to end at 5.20, ended an hour earlier. Tiem to sleep, as always. hAH! She woked up and automatically searched for her phone to look at the time adn she saw 2 maessages. hmmm, that;s odd, Nilly thought. 

And so she found this. 

Nilly screamed her lungs out, do gymnastic, flips all tables, do the jiglly tingly dance and runs to tell everyone. Well she did that in her mind and,  man it was exhausting for her. But problem comes with this happiness, now she needs transport to go to Sunway Pyramid to redeem that ever so precious passes to meet the 12 Wolves. She pulled all strings she can get her hands on, asked all her friends that lives around Selangor and magically luckily fortunately excitingly HAnisah came to the rescue!!\
Hanisah's sister drove us all the way to Sunway Pyramid and I finally got my hands on those babies ;~~~;

It's so perfect, i mean look at it!

SO now Nilly have 4 passes, so does that mean she can sell the other two??! hahhahha

K bye, Nilly said she wants to meet u all at sunway lagoon this sunday. 


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