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Lunchdate @SeoulGarden with Hanisah ❤
Friday, September 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

Finally I reached one of my goal to ear at Seoul Garden!! Woot woot.
Went there last Tuesday, 3/9/2013 with Hanisah Razali, one of the friends I made in PALAM! She's an exotic and an amazing one too! Real reason we went to SCM was because we're meeting our Worldstage Passes buyers, I made an extra RM200 so why don't we use the opportunity to eat at Seoul Garden..hihihu.

Cost me around RM30, still ok la.  and the food! The food was delicious, buffet style , eat as many as you want. And that was what we did.

So we took a plate of chicken. All kind of flavours ((what?) yes, the chickens was marinated first, nghehehe. And other stuffs like veges, and noodles, the dips for the meat~~ (and the other things above mwehehe)

There was seafood also~ but I didnt really took that many because alr full . sobs/

ANd and we can refill drinks, /muhan refill bebeh/ and ice creamsss~~ ;AAAA;

Most importantly KIMCHIIIIIII~!!!

Look at HAnisah eat so yummeh go Nisah go! hahaha

THe almost finish phase~

The i wnat to eat moar but im too full phase

ANd the almost finished 5-scoop various flavar ice cream phase

Last but not least, the 'I forgot to take my pics while eating at seoul garden' phase.
beccoes #foreverfab


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