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hot rookie : LC9
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

woot woot >.< 
guise look at what we have here. Hot STUFF brand new rookie. 

First u gotta watch the MV furrst!! 'HERE

Awsome right!!

Now get to know the members. Basically they were called Boys B.E.G or Brown Eyed Boys. LC9 stands for League of Competition #9. They are under NEGA network who also holds B.E.G and LUNAFLY.
*ehmagerdd LUNAFLY!!* drools at SAM 

Now the members. First is their leader : 

 His full name is Park Geon-woo while his stagename is RASA. /lowls at RASA/ . He is the leader, in charge of rap and singing. 89-liner, He's so kewl in the MV!! His hobby is working out. *hoot another Kim JongKook ryte here guise* . His blood type is B.

Now this is King or Dong Woo Seok. /so badass in MV/ . In charge of vocals, we can see that as his specialty and hobby is singing. 93-liner.
Okay this teaser pic makes him looks scary, so I put another decent pic. 

This is E.Den , his real name is Park Hyung Jin. In charge of rapping. 91-liner and 182cm tall. Specialist in Rap-Making. His hobby is also working out.  *demm boys liek to have abs* . He's the one who got axed in the MV. He was also in B.E.G's MV - One Summer Night.
Oh, I also saw his profile in FB, dun noe if its real or fake.

Cutie here is J-Hyo or Kim Jong Hyo. In charge of rap and vocals. 92-liner, 175cm in height. Specialty in guitar and his hobby is to sing~ He was in MIRYO's MV- Dirty. /digs boys who plays guitar/ . Blood type AB.

Selca so demm byootifool. 
The name is Jun. Full name is Park Junyoung. In charge of vocals. 94-liner and 175.5cm tall. His specialty and hobby is playing games. *whutttttt XD* this is interesteyng .Blood type A.

Last but not least is Mr. Fluffy Hair, AO. Full name is still unknown.  Currently is the maknae of the group. 96-liner and 174.8cm tall.  Specialty in dance and taekwondo. His hobby is dancing. *probably the dansheeng masheen*. His blod type is A.

Their name is LC9 because they will have 9 members but right now they are promoting as 6 first. The other will come later at another promotion cycle. Since so many people are confused why the name is 9 when there's only 6 of themmm hot boys.

As a plus, E.Den is from Canada and multilingual. That sounds liek someone I know
*cough EXO cough*. 

normal GROUP PIC!!!!


Teaser pic of the other members.

question : who's set of pic is diff from the others?

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