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Happy Birthday My Angel, Kang Daesung ♥
Friday, April 26, 2013 | 4 Comments

My husband birthday today ^__^
I'm  having so much feels because he's my first bias that I love so much. That I fell so much. That is still my number one!

I learned his name when I was just 13, unfortunately kpop fans around me said things that made me misunderstand about you. I'm Sorry, baby.

Maybe they're weren't VIP but they were mean. Bunch of meanies.

But their acts made me missed all of your good traits for 2 years. 2 fucking years.

I re-discovered him in 2009, I was so intensely into BIGBANG and I dragged my friends to like them too, haha XD

The exact time? I wish I remember the exact time I finally realized I am head over heels for him.
Sure, he's not the prettiest idol but he's one of the kindest idol.

Some of the reasons why I love him.

1. His smile.

His smile have healing power that even Yixng can't beat! hmph!

2. His childhood photos.

OMG he's like the cuteyst evarrr!

3. His look in all black outfit. ZOMG


4. His look in a wife-beater + his HAWWWTT body

5. His WINGS. My smiling angel

6. What a dork. The dork I love.

7. His lips. His precious lips.


This smile

These smirks.


And, this precious

Lastly,  I LOVE HIM and I don't care what people says about him. All I know that he shall forever be my number 1 even if a thousand Kris will come.

cr on pic .


사랑해 내 미소천사...영영.

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Blogger EdDynNa ♛ said...

Omeyyyyyy nyeeeeeee Daeee Sungggg Oppaaaaaa XD !
Ahakzzzzzzzz ~

hepyy Burfdayy to Youuuuu /
nahhhh ! Kisss sebijikkkkk !
:* Muahhhhhhhh :P

*Nilly dahh berapii bacee komenn nehh HAHAHHAHAHAHA :DDDDD

Blogger kaikayy said...

kau mmg carik pasal kan,,,,, jumpa aku depan2 kalau nak cakap pasal benda ni oukeyhhhhhhh!!!!

Blogger Rezatul Akma said...

happy birthday Dae sung XD . suara dia sedap sangat .comel comel sangat .ahahaha .jangan marah nilly . :p

Blogger kaikayy said...

haha, thanks ^^. nanti aku bagitau die .. keke
Aku tau dia comel, xyah cakap dah..hehehehehehe


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