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Monday, April 22, 2013 | 8 Comments

Whoopsiedoodlez.. when was my last post?? Haha. OMG, so many things happened and I decided to summarize it all today ^^ . Let's put it in list mode, okeyh?

1. Hurmmm, I'm a subber now! Yay~!! *clapclapclap*. I'm currently subbing BLOCK-B Match Up Return with a friend from the UK, she's doing all the timing and I'm doing the translating. Support us by watching it from our links here >> 블락비

To all DEEPS out there, here's an important announcement! Our next project will be SPEED Dreaming Polaris. Please anticipate it!! *bows*

2. Holey ganoley, u guys saw SHINee 쫑 빼고 teaser yet? Waddafak is SM thinking, teaser w/out Jjong?? You frcking kidding me right?? You think Shawol can't wait few months before SHINee make a follow up promotion. Dream Girl was great, I admit that. I mean half of the songs are good to my ears so I can sustain for few months or until JJong is recovered. But, you SM! You idiot!
so when is 'the" EXO comeback that you've been hinting since last year

3. Woohoo~ I found my 17 most-like bias!!! *LOL is that even a word?* He's like suupeerr cute and handsome, not mentioning that he's over 180cm tall too! Look! Look! Look! ugh my noona-fanmode is on 

And this is the guy boy I ship him with!! Wonwoo ^^

BTW, last saturday I was watching Seventeen TV live and the new guy-Joshua was giving so much fanservice. I mean, like so~~ much. He keeps dancing while the others was liek washing and preparing to go to sleep. Oh yeaa it was the 10hour long broadcast, I came home just in time for them to go to sleep ㅎㅎ
And then there was a guy behind him who was reading all of our comments coz  they were on Cam7 and there was only few fans there so we kinda keep telling him to do something, a gesture , saying hi, dancing or anything and he was liek ignoring us . I dont rmmber his name but i think it was either Soonyoung or Seokmin?? idek
As for Jisoo/Joshua, he was a purrrrfect fanservicer-ish. idk maybe bcause hes still new and it was just his 2nd time live.

4. Gu Family Book daeeebakkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!
That's all I can say. Go watch it yourselves. Warning : episode 2 makes me creys a lot.

5. Hmm, the date for UPU and Matriks result are near, I thought it's today. but I can't go inside the page . *faceslap* ikr.
Hoping for that place where I want to go!!!

6 . MichiGO!!!! Okeyh Jiyong-ie.... *ecehcehceh Jiyong-ie konon* MV for MichiGO was released liek 2 days ago?? Was it, LOL wtv it's this week and all I can say is WOW! He truly stands up to our expectation with crazy random hairstyles and all the outfit. RLAB. But, my fav part is coz Dongwook oppa was there!! I think he shoots b4 goeng to the army and his hair look dammmmmnn fyyyynne boy.  And there's Bae with his hair that I still can't find how to lyke. *mian Bae fans* . Oso, youngsters maybe can't see all the random stuff are actually related to peeeyynis and some vulgarity *oops* .
I'll make a lengthy post about this later 

7. This is still new! haha, my friend just got trolled by me!! LMAO

Preview next post Here : 

Ass get spanked.....the screencap already stands in it's own meaning. If yer know what I mean . *hi-five bro* (・_・”)/\(・_・”)

p/s : New group 'History' pre-debut teaser was LMAO. Go and see it!

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Blogger yun yazwani said...

pandai bahasa korea ker ??

Blogger kaikayy said...

ahah, siket2. kalau tengok show raw tu dah boleh dah

Blogger yun yazwani said...

belajar sendiri eh ??

Blogger kaikayy said...

yup! sbab tu reasult SPM x elokk , ahahha.
eh awak dapat x tmuduga MARA??

Blogger yun yazwani said...

tak.. tak kesah pun.. tak harapkan mara pun..awak dapat eh ??

kat mane awak belajar ??

Blogger kaikayy said...

xdapat, kite mmg nak MARA, yun apply mana je aritu??

tguu nak tembus UM punye line pulak, asyk xleh masokk je

Blogger yun yazwani said...

mohon utm dengan universiti pahang.. tapi saya nak mauk matrik.. hehe

Blogger kaikayy said...

oh, yeke. saya pun ada apply jugakk..xpela, kita tggu same2, mana2 yg dapat terima jelah..
Mak saya da bg warning, nanti jgn nak ber-Kpop je. LMAO


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