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Bias In Making : Seventeen
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 | 2 Comments

So, if u guys haven't heard , Pledis is in making of new boy group called Seventeen. Pedis is the house of After School, Nu'est and Hello Venus.

And all the boys in Seventeen are..I swear, all of them are so fcking hot and cute!! I mean looking at their trainee vids, they still look awesome, but once they debut with all the make ups and all that. I wonder if I'll get nosebleeds. LOL.

The group age will be 17 when they debut and have 17 members, hence the name. ^^
Also, like EXO who have M and K, Seventeen will be active in Korea, Japan and China.

Pledis taking it a level higher, keke

And, of course, I already picked my bias and potential bias to be already~ OMG, theyre so fakking cute coz they r younger guys and I'm like a noona to moe than half of le boys.

First bias :
Choi Hansol / Mr. Headphone
 ltbehonest, he does look a little like TOP and Luhan, ain't?

Second bias : 
Kim Mingyu / Mr. Wristband

Third :
Lee Chan / Mr. Backpack

Fourth bias:
Yao Ming Ming / Mr. White Earmuffs

Fifth bias :
Lee Jihoon / Mr. Fluorescent color sneakers

Hmm, that's a lot more than I expected, LOL. But, there'll be more. Ok!! keke.

Here's the age of each member.

Yup, there's Samuel who's practically a baby, seriously. I can't anymore~~

p/s: celebrating the day I'm finally a pedo-noona fan.

 Watch their predebut dance here :
watch short clips here:

Most of the sourece from world of weirdness: Tumblr <3

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Blogger Rezatul Akma said...

tak di nafikan ,memang comel .patotlah hang suka . ahaha :p

Blogger kaikayy said...

ikr.. haha. apakah?? aku sudah jadi noona fans. i cant accept this!! *flips table*


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