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Discovering Idols : Vocal-Dols
Monday, March 11, 2013 | 3 Comments

Welcome to my first ever weekly/monthly segmen on discovering your idols and trying to find your "that-one-bias-that-will-never-change-like-ever" even though there will be another flawless copies of Jaejoong and Kris in a near future.

Ohh, idols. They come in groups of fours, fives and even a will be whopping 17-members group that requires fangirls to remember their names, face, age orders and characters.

But, what makes a successful idol groups like Super Junior, Big Bang or Wonder Girls  loved by many? Every idol group have one thing in common, that is the the vocal-dol or (idols that can actually sing very very good)  that actually have the abilities to sing the high notes and doesn't just flash their oh-so 'capturing-girl-heart-smiles' or sometimes, even fanboys.

Sure, we have the all-vocal groups like 2AM and not so idol-like groups like 4MEN and Urban Zakapa, but that's a whole different stories.

In every KPOP song, if you are attentive enough you can detect that attracting-point in the song are usually sung by the most vocally-capable members that will be the highlight of the song.

I think we all can agree that it's not a BAP song unless they put Daehyun's high note in it and how Daesung's voice just completes all of BIGBANG's songs. With Daesung finally newly released Japanese album makes him an even more vocal-appealing member in BIGBANG.

Being the vocalist doesn't make them the visual of the group, no no. Instead their flaws will be covered by other members that is more.......visually appealing.

Sometimes, in groups they'll have two members who can sing exceptionally well and help each other during the high notes and some difficult parts like Woohyun and Sunggyu, also D.O and Baekhyun.

Another tip to detect the vocally talented member if they are put in an unit-group or released solo album, for instance BEAST's Yang Yoseob, INFINITE's Kim Sunggyu, SISTAR19 and Super Junior K.R.Y

If it's vocals we cannot leave out the epitome of vocal-dols itself, 2AM. A 4-member idol groups that truly express that being an idol doesn't mean you have to be pretty and polite and have manners and self-control and...... *cough cough* Changmin and Jo Kwon. XD

The easiest one to spot of all is of course the lead singer in band idol group like CN Blue and FT Island.

For female idol groups, I find Taeyeon , Park Bom, Davichi's Lee Haeri totally caught my attention. Even though sometimes I feel like there's something wrong with Bom's voice lately, it's like it has changed a bad way... *sorry BlackJack!!* *bows*

But, sometimes most of the vocal-dols are shadowed by even more popular members based on looks and appeals like fx's Luna.

Last but not least, I think all idol group members that have been casted in singing shows like Immortal Songs are all super talented and should be followed closely :)

p/s : Sandeul's singing in Immortal Songs was very daebak!! Personal favourite song that he sang is "Forgotten Season" where his voice cracked but the song itself are very beautiful and his emotion was alive so it made its way to my one of Immortal Songs favorite episode.

Ok, this is really the last one. SHINee's very own dino, Jonghyun. <3

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Blogger yun yazwani said...

walaupun jonghun shinee ade vocal baik.. tapi tak tahu kenapa minat sangat dengan suara onew tau..



cough.. cough.. my bias..

Blogger kaikayy said...

DAe kite punye~~ hhe, Tp suare Onew kan unik sangat, sy suka dengar sbab bile dga lgu shinee, mesti tau part mane dia punye. hehe

Blogger yun yazwani said...

ha'a.. suara dye unik sangat..


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