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le' Kwon Twins
Friday, March 29, 2013 | 0 Comments

All of YG stans know who these cuties are, I mean as a YG Stan, you should know them. It's a must! They come in the package.

What package you ought to ask? The YG package. Wokeyh, enough usage of YG please.

The Kwon Twins are part of the dancer team that works in YG. They can already  work as full-time idols. With great face, body and dancing skills. Not to mention they already have their own share of fans as well.

They are probably the first to become a twin idol in KPop World, but they didn't debuted as an idol so the Boyfriend Twins snatched the title.
well, that's as far as I know.

They are so cute I'm gonna die~~!!!

Fans often call them as Donnie and Deukkie where their full name are actually Kwon Youngdon and Kwon Youngdeuk thus the name Kwon Twins.

Furthermore, they are same age as my husband~!!!! I mean Kang Daesung. hihi.
Both birthdate are 20.11.1989..

They're literally famous as we can see them in almost all of YG's MV. They were in "Fantastic Baby" , "Go Away" and " What Should I Do?".

They are so much alike that when younger, their mother can't even tell them apart!!

Here's a thing that I always do when YG's female artiste performs, My eyes only looking at them. All the time, hoping that the camera will catch even a glimpse of their face. Of course, even I can't tell them apart, but who cares. We got two of them delicious cuties, no complaints given!

Above picture was during 2NE1's - Go Away stage, OMG. I can't breathe looking at them, so perfect and all that smile!!! Yummmy, I wanna bite into them!!

During GDA, some Malaysian fans was lucky enough to meet them face-to-face. They all said that the twins was so nice, even agreeing to take pictures and give signs. I'm dying of jealousy all over meyhh!!

Another thing I like about them is theyre so funneh!!  If anyone had watched the drama called "What's Up" where Daesung acted in, you can see the twins are also in it. They were so adorable that sometimes they took my attention from Daesung and Hyuk oppa towards them!

They were also in Secret Garden which makes the drama a whole lot better although it was only an episode, not just them though, the entire dance team was there.

They also maintain a good relationship with YG Family and give their best supports and cheers.

I really-really want to meet them one day, not as a fan. But as a friend where we'll sit in a cafe and have small talks over a cup of coffee. <3

My wish for them is I hope they will, one day, some day, in a very near future I pray, that they'll.....

pssstt>>>>>>>some more, here's how to differentiate them!!

1. Deuk wears black earrings while  Don wears white.
2. Deuk more muscular than Don
3.Don is cuter while Deuk is cool
4.Don usually tie his hair and Deuk doesn't
5. Deukkie's face is wider
6. Deukkie's eyes is are rounder than Donnie
7. Deukkie's teeth not as good as Donnie.

Here's some random Donnie pic, notice the white earrings.

And this is Deukkie~!!

Feel free to have some eyegasm <3

p/s: loving Deuk and Dony in Lee HI-It's Over stage. So cute and sexayyy!!

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