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MichiGO! Let's Go Crazy !
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | 2 Comments

Hey guys!! I'm here! Going to review the hidden stuff in MichiGO MV so urmm, yeah. This is 18SX but I'll tone it down a little. But still, underage please refrain yourselves from reading this or image of ur oppars will forever be ruined . Like how Song Jihyo and Jo Insung did in Frozen Flower and I can never look at them the same again.

At the first seconds of the MV we can clearly see that GD is wearing a super big shoes that is bigger than usual, and we know what people says about guys who have big feet. I'll get back to this later.

And then, there's this pink elephant head that GD sit around on it and riding it. LMAO. Also he kinda wears it on his head right. That's like major weird. Why an elephant head? 
Elephant head + it's trunk is always considered as another symbol of penis if you don't know. And flasher's (perverts who wear trench-coat but wears nothing underneath and suddenly show it to girls)  P is always called elephant on TV when it's being discussed publicly. 

Back to this big-feet thingy. The scene show a doctor and a nurse. Oh, we all know how Ji can be bi sometimes. Haha. Just imagine it yourself ok? Still don't get it? Here, here. Go to google and search "fetish people with big feet" and another one is "roleplay doctor and nurse" . Now you guys kinda understand, right?

Ass get spanked.....the screencap already stands in it's own meaning. If yer know what I mean . *hi-five bro* (・_・”)/\(・_・”)
We can't look pass on the lyrics he sang at this part while showing this face. OMG, this MV smells like freshly recorded pornies.

The most WTF scene of all,that I think this MV should be put an age ban on it. See that long rod with a thing attached to it at the end? As far as my knowledge about this(?) kind of thing goes, that sir, is for sure a SPANKER. 
Yes' yes, I know that also can be something else but your argument is invalid seeing how his world tour have age ban on it.

There's also a scene where he's waiting for his turn to use the toilet. Either that or he's just a pervert that likes to check out guys package cuz that can't be a girl inside the cubicle,ain't??

I'm not claiming anything or trying to frame him, I mean I'm cool if he's a bi. I support his double sexuality okeyh. Because it will be so unfair if I hate gheii but I like to read YAOI. 

CL once said in an interview. A reporter asked her since she travels with GD a lot, they must always hangout together in his room or just lay around. But CL answered that she is always in her room, in the other hand Yanggeng ( GD's stylist) always go to GD's room sometimes for hours. CL also said that he don't know what they were doing and he should ask GD himself. LMAO.

Told ya he's bi.

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Blogger EdDynNa ♛ said...

weyy ! lapann kalii bacee entryy nehh nak pahamm punyee pasall ! HAHA . LOL --' . pahamm siked-2 jeeee . LOL

Blogger kaikayy said...

kanak2 xsesuai baca review ni. hehe. kau xpaham lagi nihh.


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