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Wednesday, May 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

To all the noobs who still, until this day don't know about Seventeen yet. Please do so.

Yawww, hey guys!! So today I'm gonna tell you guys about something that is, to me, the most close contact yet I have with a k-pop idol to-be.

Oukayyh, they haven't debut yet. YET. But, once they have, all the noobs don't even think about taking KIM MINGYU from me!

I suppose you understand that <3

Ahh~ KIM MINGYU, I can kill people for you. Figuratively not literally. I know you're just 16. *fckimg 2 years younger than me* . But I can accept that because you are so tall~~ Just like my petboy. ihiks.

Let's get the facts straight, it happened last Wednesday on 24th April. As usual I was watching 17TV LIVE stream and they were as gorgeous as evarrrr.

Seokmin and Jisoo keep playing the guitar and singing at cam7-8 and all the other kids were busy decorating the backs of their shirt with their names.

Soonyoung misspelled his name "Sunyoung" instead of "Soonyoung" but it's actually can be use too, XD~

Ok, enuff. going back to the part where Mingyu replied to me.

After about almost an hour, Mingyu, Jisoo ,Hansol and Seunggwan went into Cam9 and started to teach Korean. They teached about how to say name of days in Korean which I already mastered year ago.

Then Seungcheol And Jihoon came inside and a little party break coz thyre super noisy haha.

After they finished, Haansol and Jisoo asked what words so we want to know in Korean and some of them sm17e asked for body parts.

And there was a girl who asked what 'butt' is in Korean, so Jisoo said it to Hansol which Hansol thought it was 'but' - hajiman . XD And Jisoo teached us what the word was when suddenly he said that  Mingyu have a big butt. LMAO~

And also there's someone who asked what "Will you date me?" in korean so they replied and I typed in Korean which looks like this : "민규아..나랑 사귈래?? ㅋㅋ" that means Mingyu-ah...will You date me? keke

Finally it have come to this ^^
Jisoo was reading all the comment and he told Mingyu about it, and Mingyu reaction was I swear the cutest ever!!!

And we can see that Hansol was smiling down there XD~ while Seunggwan looking all "what's wrong with ya bro??" LMAO

So yep that's it. My precious moments with him
Look at the full part here. {x} {x}
It happened at part two okay <3
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