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Sunday, December 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

So here's the thing, few days ago I recieved an offer later to study under SPA. It's actually quite a nice offer where I get allowance from the govt every month, study my ass off and will secure a job. Sounds nice isnt it?

But here's the catch, I am currently studying in Foundation Science and only have 3 months left until it's over. After that I can further my studies anywhere I want ((if i get a good cgpa which probably hard to achieve)).

Ok, so after Foundation I can go straight to Degree (( I'm thinking of taking languages )) , but if I take the offer I'm stuck with Diploma for 3 years and I will probably spends all my time studying medicines because the offer is to be a helper to a Pharmacy Officer (penolong pegawai farmasi).

Thus, now I am confused. Which one should I choose?? My mom said the choice is in my hand. While I'm here be all like whaaaaaaaatt???

If I were to list all the pros and cons of both of them it will be a long post. But to make it easier I shall divide it into 2.


  • I can go straight into Degree because Foundation acts as a shortcut
  • Study the field that I want instead of science,science and science :<
  • I only have 3 months left here
  • Probably won't get cgpa>3.5 because last sem's result was suck ass
  • but studying languages ;AAAA;

  • Allowance 800/month
  • Diploma for 3 years + secure work
  • No life because have to work for govt for 4/5 years after grad
  • cgpa>3.8 to get a higher chance to degree
  • start next year, 2 January.

So that's it ((I think there's still more but unrelevant to me LMAO)
Penny for your thoughts? :)

(((((heres another pic of Luhan because why not)))

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